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Work Related Injuries
Accordingto Statistics Canada, in 2003, an estimated 630,000 Canadian workers experienced at least one activity-limiting occupational injury. Of people in trades, transport and equipment operation, 9% sustained an on-the-job injury, compared with 2% of workers in the "white-collar" sector. Work injury was more common in male (5%) than in female workers (2%).

Some work-related variables were related to occupational injury for both sexes: employment in trades, transport and equipment operation; primary industries; and processing, manufacturing and utilities; shift work; and heavy labour. Income under $60,000 and working long hours were associated with injury in men, but not in women. Women reporting their jobs as stressful had higher odds of injury; in men, no association with work stress emerged.

According to the same article, In the years 2002 to 2004, acute injuries occurring on the job resulted in an average of 465 deaths annually, and close to 300,000 compensated time-loss claims. The consequences of occupational injuries can be appreciable: lost work time and income, medical expenses, compensation costs, possible long-term health problems or disability, and a burden on the family of the injured worker.


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WSIB Care Programs
Please be aware that certain injuries, such as shoulder injuries, may require treatment based on a specific program of care as defined by WSIB--in particular, workplace shoulder injuries that have happend after October 31, 2012 and are not those representing major trauma such as full thickness rotator cuff tears, dislocations and fractures. We will be able to assist you in determining your WSIB status, eligibility for treatment and appropriate treatment plan at your first consultation.
We offer WSIB-approved custom knee braces and other helpful orthopaedic devices and aids to speed your recovery as prescribed by your treating orthopaedic surgeon.
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