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Rehabilitation After Surgery
After most orthopaedic surgical procedures, patients benefit from specific rehabilitation protocols designed to assist in the recovery of strength, range of motion and functional abilities.
We have developed comprehensive rehabilitation programs and protocols
for the following surgical procedures. Contact the clinic for more information at 647-748-1005:

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (ACL)
The anterior cruciate ligament is a main stabilizer in the knee. Typically injured as a result of high risk sports or major trauma to knee, the ACL is reconstructed as a day procedure using either ham string tendon or patellar tendon graft.

Total Knee Replacement
Knee replacement or arthroplasty is a resurfacing procedure designed to eliminate damaged arthritic joint surfaces replacing them with a layer of metal articulating with an extremely durable plastic with or without the use of bone cement to secure the implants.

Total Hip Replacement
Hip arthroplasty is designed to treat advanced degenerative hip disease by replacing the ball and socket hip joint with prosthetic components, typically metal on plastic, or ceramic depending on patient age and activity level.

Shoulder Rotator Cuff Repair
The tendons that control most of the overhead activity, called the rotator cuff, when torn can usually be repaired with a minimally invasive day procedure called arthroscopy.

Knee Arthroscopy is a day procedure where a fibre optic camera is inserted into the knee joint allowing us to treat meniscal injuries, remove loose bodies and examine joint surfaces among other intra articular treatments.

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