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is an integral part of nonoperative treatment and postoperative rehabilitation for many orthopaedic conditions. Patients with joint injuries and knee arthritis benefit from physical therapy modalities as a means to regain function, range of motion and reduce pain and swelling.

We offer passive modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, laser and heat/cold therapy with passive manipulation and stretching. Active modalities include exercises, muscle stretching, cardiovascular condition, core conditioning, balance therapy and stability exercises.

Please contact the clinic for more information about specific therapies and to design a program to suit your needs. Below you will find links to specific therapy protocols we use for post operative treatments for various surgical procedures:
Physical Therapy Protocols for Surgical Treatments

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Total Hip Replacement
Total Knee Replacement
Shoulder Rotator Cuff Repair
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation decreases pain in the affected area by small electrodes placed on the skin.

Electrical Stimulation:
Small skin electrodes cause contractions of muscle groups around the affected joint to assit in rehabiliation and recovery.

High frequency sound waves transmitted to the tissue penetrate muscles for deep tissue and muscle warning to promote tissue relaxation and dilation of blood vessels and an increase in circulation to assist in healing.

Cold Therapy:
Frozen gel substances to treat pain and inflammation by causing vasoconstriction of blood vessels and increasing circulation to the injured or post operative area.

Heat Therapy:
Heat and warmth causes dilatation of the blood vessels to promote tissue relaxation, removal of the fluid that causes swelling, and an increase in circulation to promote healing.

Massage and Manipulation:
Mechanical manipulation uses massage, traction, stretches, and weights, rubs, taping and kneading to increase range of motion, eliminate pain and stiffness and relieve swelling and tightness.

For a more complete list of modalities and services, please contact the clinic:

Knee Exercises
Hip Exercises
Shoulder Exercises
Back Care Program
Physiotherapy is not just for patients who have recently had surgery, although it does offer a great way to regain motion, strength and eliminate pain, swelling and weakness.

People with back pain, sport injuries, chronic fatigue and even those starting a new weight loss or fitness program can benefit from the various physical therapy modalities offered in most rehab and physio clinics.

According to the Vancouver Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic, physical therapy has come a long way since the early nineteenth century when massage and manipulation were seen as being outside of the realm of medical science. Physical therapy traditionally involved the use of heat, electrical stimulation and water applications to aid movement and function. After World War II, physiotherapists slowly began to align themselves with medical practitioners and today, the profession is a field within the realm of medical practice with referrals from not only chiropractors and sport trainers, but doctors, physiatrists and surgeons alike. Many physical therapy clinics employ or are affiliated with chiropractors who engage in spinal and extremity manipulation and adjustments.

As the lines between “alternative” therapies and mainstream medicine blur in this era of health consciousness and preventive medicine, physiotherapists are an integral part of the holistic healthcare experience. Please visit: for more information on our services and treatment plans.
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