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Motor Vehicle Accidents
Most accident victims will suffer minor injuries in the form of strains/sprains, contusions or abrasions as a result of motor vehicle accidents.

Some accident victims will suffer more serious injuries such as fractures, concussions or trauma requiring surgery or hospital stays.

According to Ontario Law, you are eligible for benefits under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule, SABS. These benefits include income replacement, nonearner benefits, medical and rehabilitation benefits and housekeeping/home maintenance benefits.

Depending if your injuries are classified as minor or major by the insurance company and your treating physicians, you will be eligible for a certain amount of assistance.

Your initial rehabilitation benefits, even in the case of minor injuries, are available to you by contacting your insurance company within a specific period of time--typically 7 days--after the accident.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada offers an excellent document online for persons involved in motor vehicle accidents in Ontario.

Contact the clinic for more information at 647-748-1005.
At the clinic, we will be able to design a comprehensive accident rehabilitation program for your accident-related injuries by working directly with your insurance company adjuster.

For more information Motor Vehicle Accidents in Ontario, please visit:

Contact the clinic for more information at 647-748-1005.
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Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation Programs include treatment for:
Whiplash Injury
Low Back Strain/Sprain
Shoulder injuries
Knee and Hip Injuries
Ligament and cartilage injuries
Frozen shoulder and other related pain syndromes and stiffness

We also organize Occupational Therapy Assessments for Personal Care, Housekeeping and Home Maintenance Benefits