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Exercises For the Knee
Free standing squats
keep upper body behind front of knees during squat
Free standing lunges
keep upper body behind the forward knee during lunge
Under-Chair knee bends
keep upper body upright and sit squarely at front of chair
Step-up knee extension
* push gently on knee to straighten, bend at waist
Knee flexion
Straight leg raises
Leg extension exercise
Gentle stretch,
* sit back slowly on heels with pad or cushion under buttocks
Leg curls
(with 2 to 5 lb weights)
Leg pull ups
Heel raises
Calf stretches
Chair squats
only gently touch buttocks to seat
Leg Presses
* push against a theraband, elastic, long scarf or jump rope
Stationary cycling
Yoga ball sit ups
stabilize feet against a wall or wall-mirror
Hamstring stretches
Balance Ball (bosu)
Step ups and stairs
Knee Exercises
Hip Exercises
Shoulder Exercises