First Fully Digital Hospital in North America

The new Humber River Hospital…in Toronto, Canada

“It began as a dream… a desire to give our patients and our community the kind of hospital facility it deserved. On December 2, 2011 the dream began to take shape as we held our groundbreaking celebration: a wonderful day for our hospital, our patients and our community.


“Humber River Hospital proudly presents our new home: North America’s first fully digital hospital. A digital hospital utilizes the most current technologies possible to enhance all aspects of quality care delivery, improving efficiency, accuracy, reliability and safety. And currently no North American hospital is fully digital. There are systems interruptions in all of them that prevent full integration and full interoperability. We’re going to be the first in North America to close that gap to automate all of our processes.


“The centerpiece of our plans to revolutionize health care for our community, it is designed to maximize the benefits of technology, lean design and environmental planning. Our new building will enable our hospital team to further enhance the high quality, safe, efficient care they provide in our current facilities. It will allow care providers more time at the bedside, nurturing the personal interactions that form the basis of great hospital care. ”