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Exercises For the Back
Back Stretches
* gently bend forward with arms outstretched and slowly tuck head toward mat
Balance (Bosu) Ball
* balance with one foot at a time to help build your core muscles
Single Straight Leg Raise
*use a theraband, belt or towel to help stretch your straight leg up towards the ceiling.
Upper Body and Back Stretch
* lie flat on the mat and gently stretch your arms up over your head while holding a ruler or broom handle at shoulder's width.
Hamstring stretches
* these stretches will also help lengthen the lower back muscles and relieve spasm that can radiate down the legs
Knee Exercises
Hip Exercises
Shoulder Exercises
Stationary cycling
Yoga ball sit ups
stabilize feet against a wall or wall-mirror
Hip and Buttocks
* with the body standing tall, no leaning from side to side, raise the leg to the side and squeeze the buttocks to help build the abductors and external rotators which attach the lower spine to the hip.
Mid and Lower Back Stretch
* lie flat on the mat and gently stretch your foot across and over your other leg keeping your upper back and shoulders against the mat.
Core Exercises on the Yoga Ball
* there are many different exercises that you can safely perform with the use of a yoga ball such as this side body raise. Be sure not to break forward at the waist.